Trump SoHo changed its name and became hip again

The Dominick (formerly Trump SoHo) entrance in Lower Manhattan

The United States as a whole has gone through something of a transformation since the election of Donald J. Trump as its 45th US President, and this was particularly so for what was at one stage one of the coolest and most popular hotels in New York, Trump SoHo, the one time choice of hotel of New York Fashion week models and attendees. 

Trump Soho changed its name to the dominick in December 2017

After the election of the man that shared his name with the iconic glass hotel in Lower Manhattan, Trump SoHo, as it was previously known became caught in an ugly PR war with guests of all backgrounds refusing to stay in any hotels that bore his name. This was amplified when NBA mega-star Lebron James, then playing for his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, refused to stay in the hotel.

Prior to Trump’s announcement of his intention to run for the Presidency Trump SoHo was popular with a cross section of guests who appreciated its beautifully appointed oversized rooms, with larger than average beds (particularly popular amongst NBA teams, and help contracts with a number of visiting franchises when they were in town to play the New York Knicks).

Luxurious king sized bed at The Dominick (formerly Trump SoHo)

However as Donald Trump became more outspoken in his quest to ascend the mantle of American politics, more and more guests and potential guests were refusing to spend their hard earned money on what was seen to be supporting his right-wing ideology and policies, as such the Trump SoHo was losing guests, income and its reputation fast.

In December 2017 it broke off its naming rights agreement with the Trump Organisation (Trump did not own the hotel and it was under a licencing agreement with this organisation) and re-launched its self as the Dominick. The change has been a master stroke in re-branding and re-invention. In the 12 months since the change of name the Dominick has soared once again. It’s average revenue per available room, an industry wide metric of how well a hotel is performing, is up nearly 20%, where as the industry as a whole in New York is struggling at about a 2% increase, and this is all due to its change in name.

Almost all facets of the hotel remain the same, the rooms are still beautifully appointed and maintained, it still offers some of the most amazing views of the city to the North, South, East & West and it’s location is still perfect for both holiday makers and business travellers alike.

View from The Dominick (formerly Trump SoHo) stayed in the property in 2015 and we will be posting a review shortly of our time in the hotel and our overall thoughts. 


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