New LAX Terminal 4 to Tom Bradley terminal connector opens

LAX Terminal 4 to TBIT connector. Source: John Nguyen | Airline Reporter

Transiting between American Airlines and Qantas flights in Los Angeles has now become significantly easier with the recent opening of the Terminal 4 and Tom Bradley International Terminal Connector at Los Angele’s LAX airport.

As part of a multi-million dollar overhaul of the entire airport LAX planned to create transiting between it’s terminals easier for all passengers and the Tom Bradley Terminal Connector was a key plank in this plan. Previously it was a major hassle for passengers who were transiting through LAX between domestic flights from American Airlines in terminal 4 to international flights departing from Tom Bradley International Terminal.

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The new terminal connector now allows passengers airside (post security) access between Terminal 4 and Tom Bradley, which is very welcome news for American Airlines passengers who are connecting to flights to Australia with their OneWorld and joint venture partner Qantas. If you are connecting to a Qantas flight back to Australia from a domestic American Airlines flight you no longer need to leave the secured area of terminal 4 only to have to be rescreened at the (potentially) horrendous queues for security at TBIT.

Now passengers can take a leisurely stroll between the two terminals, and conveniently enough for Qantas passengers the connector delivers passengers heading to TBIT right next to the Qantas First lounge on level 5 which is also right next door to the OneWorld Business Lounge operated by Qantas.

The Qantas First Lounge LAX is located right next to the entry / exit of the T4 – TBIT connector

Below is an awesome video put together by the team at

Unfortunately for passengers arriving into LAX after their long-haul flight from Australia you’ll still need to clear immigration and customs before heading out of TBIT and across to terminal 4 for American Airlines or the respective terminals for other connecting flights.

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Another advantage of the new Tom Bradley – Terminal 4 Connector brings to LAX is that all Southern side terminals (terminals 4 – 8) are now all connected after security. So if you are travelling from Los Angeles to Australia on United (LAX terminal 7) you can now make your way all the way to Tom Bradley and enjoy the Star Alliance Lounge (provided you have access) before your departure – just remember to leave enough time to get all the way back – its a long walk! Recommendation

If you’re a Qantas Gold or Platinum Frequent Flyer and you have a bit of time to kill before your American Airlines flight departing from terminal 4 and planned to spend some time in the American Airlines Admirals Lounge – take advantage of the new connector and head over to Tom Bradley International Terminal where you can make use of OneWorld Business lounge (Gold Frequent Flyers) operated by Qantas, or the superb (and arguably North America’s best airline lounge) Qantas First Lounge (Platinum Frequent Flyers).


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