Could Central Park lose its iconic horse & carriage rides?


Since his election as Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio has been on a crusade to rid Central Park of its iconic horse and carriage rides, calling the practice, inhumane to keep horses in a loud, car clogged Manhattan. There was major uproar over the proposal, from the business owners who main source of income is derived from offering tourists to New York a unique Central Park experience, the unions representing their interests and certain tourism bodies who thought the idea was short sighted and a knee-jerk reaction to a first time Mayor looking for an easy win in his first term.

To enjoy a horse and carriage ride simply make your way to the southern end of Central Park and follow the smell!

However it seems that a compromise is on the cards with reports out this morning that the Mayor and his staff agreeing that the horse and carriage rides can continue in Central Park should some conditions be met. These potentially include reducing the overall number of available horses from 200 down to 75 and moving their existing stables on Manhattan’s West Side to housing them in new stables within Central Park itself.

It is thought that this compromise will seek to alleviate the concerns that both Mayor de Blasio and animal rights campaigners have regarding the current situation. Animal rights campaigners have been asking for the complete removal of horses and the carriages from Central Park for years. Still the final details of the deal have yet to be announced. One of the big question that remains from the point of view of the drivers (and their union) is whether or not the city will be offering any compensation for those who stand to lose their jobs.

Horses and their carriages lined up along 59th Street at the Southern end of Central Park

For the time being spending a romantic afternoon or early evening taking in the iconic Central Park in the back of a historic horse drawn carriage is available for Australians visiting New York. A horse and carriage ride through Central Park still rates as one of the most popular ways for love struck Australians to propose and make their New York adventures even more memorable.

To enjoy a horse and carriage ride simply make your way to the southern end of Central Park and follow the smell!!! The best places to pick up a ride is at the corner of 6th Avenue and 59th Street and along Grand Army Plaza (South Eastern corner of the Park).

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