Singapore Airlines to resume direct flights to New York

An artist impression of the Singapore Airlines A350. Source: Airbus

Singapore Airlines has announced that it will be re-introducing non-stop flights from its Singapore base to the USA using brand new Airbus A350-900 ULR (Ultra Long Range) aircraft, with flights expected to commence in 2018. The airline has advised that the first destinations will be Los Angeles and New York, however at this stage has not confirmed which New York Airport it will be arriving into.

Singapore Airlines currently offers daily flights to New York via Frankfurt, Germany.

Singapore previously operated non-stop flights from Singapore to New York using its 4 engine Airbus A340 long range aircraft, however they had to cancel their non-stop service when the price of jet fuel began to skyrocket in 2013, this also coincided with the retirement of the Airbus A340 aircraft from the Singapore Airlines fleet.

The previously offered non-stop New York service was an all Business class flight, however this time they are expecting to offer additional cabins. Australian Business Traveller is reporting that according to Airbus that Singapore Airlines is planning to offer approx. 170 seats, a marked reduction from the normal 300 seats in similar sized aircraft currently being offered. It would seem that the airline is leaning to offering more premium seats on the route to capitalise on the amount of business traffic that is offered on trunk routes to Los Angeles and New York to restart the service.

Pricing of the new flights and details of their new cabins will be announced at a later date. In the interim here is a quick look at what Singapore Airlines currently offers in its long-haul fleet.

Singapore Airlines Business class seat. Source: Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines proposed Premium economy seat. Source: Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines economy seat. Source: Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines currently offers flights to New York from Singapore, however due to the tyranny of distance and the lack of aircraft currently able to complete the flight non-stop its flights fly via Frankfurt, Germany, and a standard flight from Sydney to New York via Singapore and Frankfurt is approx 37 hours and arrives the day after departure.

When the new Singapore to New York non-stop flights are launched the flight time from Singapore to New York is expected to be reduced dramatically to approx 19hours and if as expected the route will take passengers over the North Pole.

If travelling to New York is the primary driver of a trip, be it for work or leisure and you had a choice of Singapore or another American city such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or Dallas as your stopover would you consider the Lion City a genuine alternative. In our opinion this question will be discussed more so amongst corporate / business travellers who have the budgets available to cough up for fares in the front of air plane as Singapore Airlines has constantly been rated in the top 5 airlines worldwide for its business class seats, service and overall experience.

Even for passengers travelling in economy (should they include an economy section) it will likely be a very different experience that what you would expect on other ultra-long haul flights. With almost half of the overall number of passengers expected to be catered for, according to Airbus, passengers can expect a much more personal level of service even in economy.

Whilst we do not expect the leisure market to be a driver of this new route to New York from Australia it will provide travellers who are planning a Round-the-World adventure a new alternative when getting to New York from Asia

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