Winter in New York; What it’s like for Australian travellers


The winter season brings out the best in New York and in New Yorkers. The snow gently kisses the fields and hugs the trees, creating the most spectacular sight. New Yorkers walk slowly as if to conserve as much heat as possible. They are friendly and warm, as they exchange pleasantries and laugh with each other as if to share the little warmth between them. The streets are awash with lights and glitz that chase the winter gloom away. There are so many events and concerts that are organized to bring people together so as to spark conversations and friendships. The New York winter air is vibrant and energetic as everybody prepares for the holiday season and the white Christmas. In essence, one could argue that the New York winter season is the warmest season in this eclectic city.

Tourists from warmer region may experience a bit of a climate shock in New York. Travellers are advised to wear layers of clothing, hats and gloves when outside as this will help them to stay warm in winter. Fortunately, there are plenty of things to do and attractions and events that will heat up the New York air and chase the winter blues away.

Ice skating
In the numbing winter, outdoorsy individuals can have a lot of fun at the various ice skating rinks in the city. All they will need is warm clothes, ice skates and a bit of experience or courage. For those who are new to ice skating, there are usually a number of trainers at these rinks who are willing to provide some guidance. Some of the popular skating rinks in New York are the Citi Pond at Bryant Park, Lasker Rink and Wollman Rink at Central Park, and the Ice Rink at the Rockefeller Centre.

Tree-lighting at the Rockefeller Centre
This has been a cherished tradition in New York for more than seventy five years. Every year on the week of Thanksgiving, New Yorkers gather at the Rockefeller Centre to light the Christmas tree. This tree is usually quite tall and beautiful. The tree is taken down in the week after New Year.

Inside Word
Crowds can be smaller in winter (outside of major holidays)
Dress in layers, breathable layers.
There is something magical about waking to a snow covered New York
Hats, scarves & gloves are mandatory from mid-December to mid-March
Watch-out for the wind – it’s cold and races off the Atlantic
If you don’t like crowds avoid Christmas & New Year’s Eve

Attend holiday events and performances
There are very many events in New York during the winter. The Winter’s Eve is one of the most popular events. This event is held at the Lincoln Centre, and there is always a tree lighting ceremony and plenty of live music. Another popular event is the Radio City Christmas Show. Individuals who enjoy theatre can catch a performance at the Manhattan’s Children’s Theatre or at the New Victory Theatre.

A sight-seeing cruise
Individuals who would like to capture the best of New York while on a cruise can book an excursion at the Hudson River. The Circle Line Sight-seeing Cruise Company has been providing these services for close to seventy years. Travellers will get the perfect view of the Statue of Liberty as they cruise along in their luxurious and comfortable boats. They can also go around Manhattan and savour the bright lights in this glorious city.

Spending the winter months in New York will be an experience that the traveller will never forget. Despite the plummeting temperatures, the city’s splendour is in full display. With everything that it has to offer, New York will thrill, surprise and satisfy the winter traveller.

Jase is the founder and editor of His passion for New York runs deep, after purchasing a New York travel guide while in high school, it's been a love affair ever since. Having visited over 20 times for work and pleasure he decided to start to help other Aussie's who are planning their own New York adventure to ensure they get the most out of their trip to the greatest city in the world.


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