Where to watch Australian sport in New York


America hosts some of the world’s premier sporting events including the Super Bowl, World Series baseball and the NBA finals but sometimes when you are away from home you just want to be able to watch your home team running onto the ground, especially in September and October during the footy finals.

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When in New York there is no better place to watch Australian sport than The Australian bar in Midtown Manhattan. The Australian plays all major games involving Australian teams live as well as serving some great Australian beers and food. 

Entrance off 28th Street to The Australian restaurant and bar

The Australian was conceived and run by former Manly Rugby League player Matt Astill and is located in the heart of Manhattan in the garment District, 20W 38th Street, New York. After opening in 2007 The Australian has played host to thousands of Australian tourists looking for a taste of home whilst visiting the Big Apple or to get their fix of Australian sport be it Rugby League, AFL, Rugby Union or Cricket or whatever game Australia is playing in.

The Australian offers a great selection of US & Australian sports

The menu at The Australian is exactly as you would expect, Australian cuisine with some hearty Aussie favourites such as The Australian Burger, Traditional Meat Pie, Sausage Rolls and an Aussie Lamb Roast. The  Aussie influence doesn’t stop there with some seriously Aussie dessert gracing its menu including their mouth watering Lamingtons and to die for Tim Tam Sundae. And what would an Australian meal be without an ice cold Australian beer to wash it all down with, at The Australian you’re in luck with the bar importing two of Australia’s premium craft beers in James Boag’s and Cooper’s.

A taste of home – Coopers Pale Ale in the Big Apple

The Australian is quickly becoming the official New York bar of all Australian sports, and the home for any Aussie athlete making the big time of American professional sports. Currently they are showing all games of the 2015 Rugby World Cup live and quickly becoming the East Coast home of the Hayne Plane as he takes flight for the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL.

Could it get any more Australian than “Chapelli” on the door to the men’s bathroom

Don’t be surprised to run into an Australian celebrity or two if you drop by for a bite to eat or a drink on the way back to your hotel after a long day of sightseeing. Matt and his team have welcomed celebrities, politicians and sports stars of all walks of life into The Australian.

VisitingNewYork.com.au can highly recommend the Steak Sandwich and is perfectly paired with a Coopers Pale Ale!

VisitingNewYork.com.ay highly recommends the Steak Sandwich


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