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The most common New York symbol found around the world is the ubiquitous New York Yankees baseball cap, and now that the Major League Baseball season is getting to the business end of the season it is the perfect time to add one of New York’s must do activities to your list of things to do when in New York, watch a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Whether you are taking in a Yankees game or simply doing a tour of the iconic stadium, we’ve put together the different options for getting to Yankee Stadium from Manhattan.

Getting to and from Yankee Stadium provides locals and visitors alike a plethora of different options, with the quickest, easiest and least expensive being the subway. You can also easily take a bus, taxi or grab a ride in an Uber or Lyft ride-share. has put together a list of each of the options for Australian travellers visiting New York who have tickets to a game to get to Yankee Stadium, or if they are just heading out to the stadium to take a tour of the “House that Babe built.”

Taking the Subway to Yankee Stadium

The easiest and cheapest way of getting from Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx or Brooklyn to Yankee Stadium is to take the subway and get off at 161 Street – Yankee Stadium subway stop in the Bronx.

New York’s MTA D Line Subway

The 161 Street – Yankee Stadium subway stop is serviced by the Green 4 line and Orange D line from the New York MTA subway system, which runs along the Eastern side of Manhattan originating in Brooklyn. Passengers can transfer to the Number 4 Green line at the following stations:

Green Line 4

Bowling Green Station – Downtown New York

Fulton Street Station – Financial District

Brooklyn Bridge City Hall – Financial District

Broadway / Lafayette Street – Lower East Side

Union Square – Union Square

Grand Central Station – Midtown

Lexington Ave / 59th Street

Orange Line D

Broadway / Lafayette Street – Lower East Side

West 4th St / Washington Square – Greenwich Village

34th Street / Herald Square – Midtown

42nd Street / Bryant Park – Midtown

59th Street / Columbus Circle – Upper West Side

One of the easiest ways to find out which subway line to get onto and where your nearest subway stop is when you’re in New York is to simply enter your destination into Google and then use Google Maps and select the train option.

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Tip: Use Google Maps on your phone to get to Yankee Stadium

The cost of a single trip from anywhere on the MTA subway network to Yankee Stadium is US$3.00. Tickets can easily be purchased from any station via the ticket vending machines.

Once you have arrived at 161 Street / Yankee Stadium simply follow the signs to Yankee Stadium, or if you are arriving on gameday, just follow the crowds. The stadium is located literally right next to the station and, depending on your seats, you will see the subway going past the stadium during the game!

One of the first things you should do when you arrive in New York is get a reloadable MTA subway ticket which can be purchased from any subway station.

Taking a Bus to Yankee Stadium

Catching a bus to Yankee Stadium from Midtown Manhattan will inevitably the slowest journey you could take. It would make more sense to walk a couple of blocks to your nearest subway station and then make your way to the Orange D line or Green 4 line and make your way to Yankee Stadium.

If however you need to get a bus here’s how:

The closest bus stop to Yankee Stadium is Grand Concourse / East 161st Street in the Bronx. The stop is about a 5 – 10 minute walk from the entrance to Yankee Stadium. As you alight from the bus walk down E 161st Street 3 blocks, proceed under the elevated subway track and Yankee Stadium will be on your right (you can’t miss it!).

If you were to catch a bus from Midtown, we suggest making your way across to Madison Avenue (a major bus arterial road). Bus number BxM4 can be caught from around 46th Street block.

Depending on traffic the journey from Midtown to Yankee Stadium will take approx. 30 – 40 minutes.

As this route is operated by an express service the fare will be $6.50 per person. Infants (under 2) can ride express buses for free, however every other passenger (occupying a seat) must pay the fare, including children.

Taking a Taxi to Yankee Stadium

Taxi’s are generally the quickest way to get between Manhattan and Yankee Stadium, as no matter where you are, it is very easy to spot and hail the ubiquitous Yellow New York Taxi Cab. As you generally don’t have to wait for a taxi to arrive (as compared with ride-share services such as Uber or Lyft) you will be at Yankee Stadium as quickly as possible.

New York Taxi cab

Depending on your pick-up point in Manhattan will generally dictate the route which the taxi driver will take. A further benefit of taking a taxi is that they will generally drop you right outside the stadium, ensuring that you are getting to your seat, and partaking in the pregame festivities as quickly as possible.

The average taxi fare from Midtown Manhattan to Yankee Stadium is generally around US$30 – US$40 and can take anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes (depending on traffic and route taken).

Taking Uber / Lyft to Yankee Stadium

The rise of share-riding services such as Uber and Lyft give Australians visiting New York even more flexibility when it comes to getting around the Big Apple, and this is no different for getting further out to Yankee Stadium.

An Uber or Lyft ride will take approx. the same amount of time as a taxi (once your car has arrived) with the only difference maybe on how long you have to wait for your driver to arrive – typically this is less than about 3 – 5 minutes.

The average fare for Uber from Midtown to Yankee Stadium is approx. $US25 – US$35.

Uber. Source: Uber

Generally speaking if you are travelling with a group of up to 4 people and you want to get to Yankee Stadium as quickly as possible, getting an Uber or Lyft car will be the quickest and cheapest option – again this all depends on traffic and the time of day you are heading out to Yankee Stadium.

An important thing to remember when travelling with Uber is that at any time of the day or night riders could be exposed to Surge pricing, basically when there is more demand than drivers available the price will go up, however Uber is moving to introducing fixed pricing to make it easier for riders.

If you have any recommendations for getting from Manhattan to Yankee Stadium, let us know in the comments below or via our Facebook page.


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