Riding the New York Subway got got a little more expensive


In my humble opinion, the MTA Subway is one of the best ways for Australian tourists to get around New York, however it is about to get a little more expensive for certain tickets.

On Sunday April 21st 2019, fares for the Weekly Unlimited tickets rose by approx 3% from $33 to $33 while the 30-day unlimited ride rose from $121 to $127, a rise of about 5%.

The good news for Australians visiting New York, the popular single ride fare remains the same price of $2.75 per ride. This is also the case for those travelling to or from John F. Kennedy airport via the JFK AirTrain and connecting to the subway at Jamaica Station ensuring that the cheapest way to get to or from JFK airport remains the same price.

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Even with the small price increase VisitingNewYork.com.au still recommends visitors to New York purchase an unlimited weekly pass which provides unlimited use of the MTA subway across all of New York’s 5 Boroughs.

Purchasing either single ride or weekly tickets is easily done at most stations across the city. Cash is still the easiest method of payment while more and more machines are accepting credit cards.

MTA Subway ticket vending machine

The fare increase is due to the mounting losses the transport system continues to rack up given its ageing infrastructure, bloated salaries and poor management. It was announced in January that there would be no increases to ticket prices in the foreseeable future, how things can change.

Share with us your preferred way to get around New York or some of your experiences on the Subway in the comments below.


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